Extractor Hoods

The aspiring basic range hood is essential for the air quality and hygiene of surfaces in the kitchen.

Ref. GP000622
600 mm
Ref. GP000623
900 mm
Ref. GP000908
1000x700x500 mm
Ref. GP000915
1250x700x500 mm
Ref. GP000909
1500x700x500 mm
Ref. GP000916
2000x700x500 mm
Ref. GP000917
1000x900x500 mm
Ref. GP000918
1250x900x500 mm
Ref. GP000919
1500x900x500 mm
Ref. GP000920
2000x900x500 mm
Ref. GP000921
1250x900x500 mm
Ref. GP000922
1500x900x500 mm
Ref. GP000923
2000x900x500 mm