Electric Fly Killer

Adhesive plates with feromone attractive to the insects, eliminate them effectively while keeping them pasted to the plate. The maintenance is done by replacing the adhesive plate. Available in various designs and different materials, such as inox, steel and fiber.

Ref. GP000673
435x400x112 mm
Ref. GP000674
400x135x155 mm
Ref. GP000511
655x390x235 mm
Ref. GP000510
655x390x235 mm
Ref. GP000521
400x170x270 mm
Ref. GP000628
400x170x270 mm
Ref. GP001202
360x200x90 mm
Ref. GP000802
300x300x110 mm
Ref. GP000544
245x220x340 mm
Ref. GP000641
245x220x340 mm