Fry Tops

Plaque is a heating device, which is composed of a heating element positioned just below the main cooking surface. The thermostat controls the heat and maintain the exact temperature.

Ref. GP001013
430x900x850 mm
Ref. GP001033
250x470x270 mm
Ref. GP000972
400x500x285 mm
Ref. GP000973
550x490x270 mm
Ref. GP000999
610x540x270 mm
Ref. GP001000
760x540x270 mm
Ref. GP000976
550x490x270 mm
Ref. GP001001
730x500x230 mm
Ref. GP001032
730x500x230 mm
Ref. GP001114
400x650x475 mm
Ref. GP001115
600x650x475 mm
Ref. GP001007
700x750x850 mm
Ref. GP001116
400x750x850 mm
Ref. GP001006
800x900x850 mm
Ref. GP001117
400x900x850 mm