The barbecue grills have an electric fan to potentiate the coal combustion. We have several measures and models. You can still opt for other type of measures beyond those described, for such will suffice to consult us.

Ref. GP000001
280x320x290 mm
Ref. GP000977
290x305x210 mm
Ref. GP000004
340x360x290 mm
Ref. GP000978
410x305x210 mm
Ref. GP000007
405x390x290 mm
Ref. GP000002
560x320x290 mm
Ref. GP000005
680x360x290 mm
Ref. GP000008
780x360x290 mm
Ref. GP000003
560x320x290 mm
Ref. GP000984
570x305x210 mm
Ref. GP000006
680x360x290 mm
Ref. GP000009
780x390x290 mm
Ref. GP000985
840x305x210 mm
Ref. GP000010
340x360x170 mm
Ref. GP000011
570x360x170 mm
Ref. GP000012
550x570x210 mm
Ref. GP001164
450x370x220 mm
Ref. GP001118
810x670x610 mm
Ref. GP000787
470x650x320 mm
Ref. GP000788
870x650x320 mm
Ref. GP001015
800x900x850+120 mm