Fryer of high performance with high quality. Designed so as to eliminate the possibility of deterioration in properties of the oil. We have various models with single or double bench, without bench, etc... Contact us to find the best solution for your establishment.

Ref. GP001223
800x900x850 mm
Ref. GP001160
360x700x850+70 mm
Ref. GP001159
800x700x850 mm
Ref. GP001161
Ref. GP001147
Ref. GP000038
270x380x350 mm
Ref. GP000039
540x380x350 mm
Ref. GP000078
270x380x350 mm
Ref. GP000079
540x380x350 mm
Ref. GP001016
265x430x295 mm
Ref. GP001017
265x430x345 mm
Ref. GP001018
325x460x345 mm
Ref. GP000974
290x470x410 mm
Ref. GP000975
580x470x410 mm
Ref. GP000022
310x460x390 mm
Ref. GP000023
620x460x390 mm
Ref. GP001078
600x600x435 mm
Ref. GP001113
460x620x355 mm
Ref. GP000386
400x600x349 mm
Ref. GP001124
400x650x475 mm
Ref. GP001125
600x650x475 mm